Disclaimers and Warnings and Rules.

So basically this site is about foster care and foster parenting. Because of that we talk about foster kids, obviously.

Well that can be a tricky situation!

Here’s how we handle that.


1. No names, or names are changed to protect the innocent.

2. Situations may be modified to disguise when and where.

3. Timelines are changed in order to protect the innocent

Any resemblance to a situation or child is unintentional. In the world of foster care a lot of the things we run into are very similar to others so if you see something that sounds like your own child or situation it is not intended to be.


The things that children who are in foster care are not pleasant. If you have had any of these experiences we are sorry about it. We only write about them in an effort to help foster parents know what to expect. The hope is to help foster parents do the best job they can with foster children. If you are easily triggered just be warned, there may be things here that could be a trigger.


We are glad to see comments and encourage you to make them but there are a few rules about comments that you need to follow. Comments that do not meet the rules will be deleted.

1. Don’t use your children’s real names.

2. Don’t identify the parents of your foster children.

3. This is not a place to complain about CPS or any other agency involved in child welfare. We are hear to be constructive, not derogatory.

4. Don’t be mean. Because no one likes it!

5. Be respectful. Other parents may do things different than you do so don’t be overly critical. Constructive criticism is encouraged but be nice about it. If your intent is anything other than to help other foster parents be better as a result of your experience than don’t write it.


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