Scared, Confused, Overwhelmed


These are just some of the feelings a new foster child is experiencing.

Foster and adoptive children have already experienced some of the most terrible things imaginable before they ever reach your door step. On top of that just the fact that they are coming to live with you is traumatic.

This is a place dedicated to you Foster and Adoptive parents who want (or need) a place to share your experience, get advice and learn.

Becoming a Foster Parent is not something that just anyone is up for. It is not easy! When I say it’s not easy, I don’t mean it is not good or rewarding or worth it. I am just saying it is not easy.

This is a place to find out what is really involved in being a foster or adoptive parent.

We are not professionals in terms of education. We don’t have any MD’s or Phd’s behind our names.

We are just foster parents.

We don’t pretend to know everything,

and we understand that everyone’s experience is different.

There are many who have done this for much longer and have fostered many more children that we have. What we are is Foster Parents who want to do the best job we can to provide a safe place for our precious Foster Children. You will find our personal stories and experiences here as well as advice and interviews with professionals.

¬†What’s with the name?

The name came from a realization we had somewhere along the way. I was sitting outside of a courtroom waiting for a hearing for one of or kids parents. I was sitting next to our foster son’s social worker and we had some time so I asked him why he chose his career. His answer was pretty inspirational, at least for me! He said he had gone to school for criminal justice but realized that by the time people where in the criminal justice system it was pretty much too late. After realizing that he switched over to working in the child protection field.

What he told me started me to thinking so I looked up statistics on foster children and the criminal justice system. What I found was shocking!

25% of all criminals in the system had been in foster care at one time or another.

There are around 500,000 children in foster care at any given time in the United States. That is less than 1% of children between the ages of 0 and 17.

All of this means that as foster parents, our job is a very big deal to these children. Even a small success can make a big difference. We could actually make a big difference for the future of our world.


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